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At the Blue Boot Foundation, we firmly believe in the power of preparedness, which is why learning CPR is a cornerstone of our mission. The importance of CPR, especially in the context of drowning incidents, cannot be overstated. In those critical moments following an accident, CPR can be the lifeline that saves a child's life before professional medical help arrives. Immediate and effective CPR can double or even triple a victim's chance of survival, particularly in drowning situations where every second counts. Our commitment to offering CPR classes stems from a deep desire to empower individuals—parents, teachers, and community members alike—with the knowledge and skills necessary to act confidently and competently in emergency situations. By ensuring that as many people as possible are trained in CPR, we are creating a community safety net, woven with the threads of awareness, preparedness, and action, that can catch and support those in their most vulnerable moments. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to not just memorialize Riley's vibrant spirit but to transform our collective grief into a proactive force for change, making our communities safer for all children.

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We partner with Children's Water Safety to help people get trained on the correct way to administer CPR. If you are interested you can visit them on our partner page below

Children's Water Safety

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