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The Blue Boot Foundation is a big proponent of swimming lessons because we understand that equipping children with the ability to swim is one of the most effective measures to prevent drowning. While learning to swim does not make you drown proof, it's a crucial survival skill. Through swimming lesson programs, we aim to instill confidence and competence in the water, teaching children how to navigate aquatic environments safely. These lessons cover essential water safety skills, including how to float, tread water, and reach safety if they find themselves in distress. By providing access to quality swimming education, we are giving children the tools they need to enjoy the water safely and reducing the risk of drowning incidents. This initiative reflects our belief that every child deserves the chance to learn to swim, regardless of their family's financial situation. It's a proactive step towards fulfilling our mission to safeguard young lives in memory of Riley, ensuring that children not only survive in water but thrive with the joy and freedom that comes from being confident swimmers.

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