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The Blue Boot Foundation champions the cause of water safety by assisting with lifeguard certifications, a critical component of our broader mission to prevent childhood drowning. Lifeguards are the guardians of our pools, beaches, and water parks, playing a pivotal role in ensuring a safe environment where children and families can enjoy water activities with peace of mind. By supporting lifeguard certifications, we're investing in the first line of defense against water-related accidents. This initiative reflects our commitment to creating layers of safety around every child. Certified lifeguards are equipped with the skills to not only prevent drowning through vigilant supervision and risk management but also to perform life-saving interventions when seconds matter. Their presence amplifies our efforts to safeguard communities, making every swim, dive, and splash safer. This support underscores our belief that empowering individuals with the training to protect and save lives is a direct extension of our dedication to honor Riley's memory. Through each lifeguard we help certify, we're building a stronger, more resilient network of water safety advocates, each ready to make a difference in the critical moments that could save a life.

Our Lifeguard Partner

We work very closely with Bayouland YMCA for our Lifeguard Certification Program. If you are interested in learning more please visit the link below

Bayouland YMCA

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