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Little Floaters Program

The Little Floaters Program is a cornerstone of our commitment to early childhood water safety. In partnership with local YMCAs, this initiative focuses on teaching infants from 12 months to 4 years old the critical skill of floating. While this program does not guarantee your child to be drown proof, the program can give the child precious seconds until help arrives should a water incident occur. The instructors guide little ones on how to maintain buoyancy and maneuver to safety in water, instilling confidence and foundational water skills from the earliest age. Funded by the Blue Boot Foundation, this program embodies our belief that it's never too early to start on the path to water safety.

Bayouland YMCA

The Blue Boot Foundation donated $25,000 to the Little Floater Program and financially funded for the instructors to obtain certification. This donation will allow multiple children to obtain financial assistance in participating in and graduating from the program

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